Business Bag, Travel Bags, Designer Accessories at

Business Bag, Travel Bags, Designer Accessories at

King of Madison is the only online boutique dedicated exclusively to the discriminating male client, looking for affordable luxury designer clothing, bags, wallets and accessories. We offer the latest men’s designer wallets, Official Business Bag, travel bags, Designer Accessories, messenger bags, totes, briefcases, satchels, luggage and neckties by Prada, Gucci, YSL, Christian Dior and Tod’s at substantial discounts over the retail price.

Gucci, YSL and Dior are just some of the fashion brands we feature in addition to Prada, Fendi, Ferragamo, Versace and Tod’s. Have a look at our extensive selection of men’s designer bags, Business Bag, Travel Bags, Designer Accessories, ties, wallets, cufflinks, belts, briefcases, clothes and other accessories. We hope you enjoy shopping at King of Madison

This time round we are coming up with the hottest men accessories that you need to spruce up your scintillating personality still better. Before some years, it was general conception that accessories are made only for women but now men need not worry as we will point you out how to groom yourself with the best accessories available in the market especially made for men.

Basically, accessories are the things which ameliorate your persona. But hitherto, male section was kept deprived of these privileges as hardly any brands were available in the market which used to make accessories especially for men. But over the time, having felt the pulse of the men’s suppressed desire to look better, attire better and leave a good impression over others by possessing a good collection of accessories, there are some fantastic brands which hit the market with their men accessories collection suited to your persona and pocket-size as well.

Leading among them are Christian Dior, Gucci and Yves St Laurent. These are the brands availing you the most elegant and stylish men accessories at very affordable prices. Christian Dior excels in presenting you the reservoir of men’s fashion accessories including Manbags, Satchels, accessories for business and travel, wallets, ties, scarves, key-chains and other fantastic accessories. Similarly, Gucci and Yves St Laurent also have vast and the tempting varieties in these types of accessories meant for men. These are the prominent brands which help you stand out from the crowd.

There are very few places where you can purchase these men accessories from at the easiest and most reliable way with hassle-free shipping and other customer services. As these brands are superb, the shop selling them has to be superb. Hence, we recommend you to log on an online shop- for your exhilarating shopping experience.


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